Swim Instructor

Are you ready to transform your life?


To become a Water Babies Instructor
This is some of the perfect characteristics.


– a great communicator
– friendly
– bright
– happy
– open
– approachable
– loyal
– flexible
– inspiring
– enthusiastic
– have great inner strength
– be calm under pressure
– positive with good energy
– more of a giver than a taker
– an all-round ‘nice’ person
– great inner strength

Of these, one of the most interesting is the latter, ‘inner strength’. Where one might imagine we’d require ‘confidence’ right from the start, from our experience we know that often instructors arrive as quiet, reserved individuals, but are determined to make this a life changing experience that will see them really coming out of themselves.

Have what it takes: E-mail CV to: customerservices@waterbabiessa.co.za