Professionals involved in waterbirth or in “baby swimming” programmers claim that babies exposed to water early are happier and healthier than other babies. German researchers have shown that early swimmers perform better on tests measuring social, academic, motor and personality developments, although such results may also be attributed to the overall quality of parenting. Babies who develop their swimming abilities are often more alert for their age, with a better eating and sleeping pattern. In addition, just as for adults, swimming improves babies’ cardiorespiratory function and general health.

Physiological Development

Early swimming helps to develop babies’ personalities harmoniously; cautious babies learn to accept risk while rumbustious babies learn to be more prudent. As babies discover that they can propel themselves in the water, their independence and self-confidence increases. Water offers them opportunities to respond to the unexpected early on.


Our lessons are affordable and great value for money as your baby is receiving professional lessons in a safe environment. We use a pool which is especially heated to approximately 32c degrees Celsius to keep babies warm and comfortable. The pool is salt water chlorinated which is gentle on babies’ delicate skin and eyes.The facilities are clean and safe with changing rooms and changing tables for babies. Each lesson is structured but allows for flexibility in order to work with babies and parents at a pace that the baby sets according to his/her level of comfort in the water. The results are visible after just a few lessons. The instructor is also a fully qualified Emergency First Response or MFA..
Private class: parent’s, baby with instructor.
Group class: Max 4 parent and babies with instructor.